Name Search

How to FInd The Name of a Person

What you'll learn

In this module, you’ll learn diverse and effective methods to find a person’s name, from using bank account numbers, pictures, and email addresses, to uncovering middle names, parents’ names, and even names from IP addresses. Discover legal and ethical guides for finding names using minimal information, like first names, addresses, or even without a last name.


Name Based Background Check

What you'll learn

In the “Name Based Background Check” module, you’ll learn advanced techniques to uncover identities and connections. From legally searching names linked to bank accounts to finding someone’s real name using minimal information, this module guides you through various methods, including using pictures, partial names, and email addresses, while emphasizing legal and ethical considerations. Discover how to effectively and responsibly reveal names and relationships in diverse scenarios.

Name Search Census

What you'll learn

Explore the ‘Name Search Census’ module to uncover the possibilities of searching various decades of the U.S. Census by name. From 2020 to 1930, each article reveals key facts, detailed guides, and practical tips on navigating census records. Discover historical data, understand search methodologies, and learn how to access vital information across different census years.

Name Search Dating Websites

What you'll learn

In the “Name Search Dating Websites” module, you’ll learn about searching for people by name on various dating platforms like MeetMe, Tinder, Hinge, Grindr, and Match. This comprehensive guide covers privacy concerns, available tools, and the limitations of name searches on these popular dating sites, providing a clear understanding of each platform’s search capabilities.


Effective Name and DOB Search: Identity Verification

The practice of conducting a name and date of birth (DOB) search is an integral part of various professional fields, including law enforcement, private investigation, and human resources, among others. It enables professionals to verify identities, conduct background checks, and perform due diligence. We well-equipped to assist in name and

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How to Find Unknown Number Name: Effective Methods

In our increasingly connected digital age, it’s not uncommon to be contacted by unknown numbers. The ability to identify these mysterious callers, be they individuals, businesses, or even potential threats, has become a critical skill. While there are several methods at our disposal to unveil the names behind these unknown

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How to Find International Phone Number Owner Name?

Navigating how to find international phone number owner name can be a daunting task. You’ve probably found yourself wondering, ‘How can I discover the owner of an unfamiliar number that’s just popped up on my caller ID?’ Identingly’s extensive database and reverse phone lookup feature can be effectively used to

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How to Find Someone’s Maiden Name: Effective Methods

In today’s information age, tracing someone’s maiden name may seem like a formidable task due to privacy laws and restricted data access. Yet, with a methodical approach, it’s not entirely out of reach. Our site is a comprehensive online tool adept at uncovering maiden names through features like Reverse Phone

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