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Ensuring Credibility in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, ensuring the credibility and background of medical professionals is crucial. Our services provide comprehensive background checks, including criminal history and professional records, to ensure the integrity of healthcare providers. We offer peace of mind by delivering accurate, reliable information for making informed decisions in healthcare.

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Criminal and Legal History

Extensive checks for criminal records, warrant/arrest records, and legal compliance issues, crucial for patient safety and trust.

Professional Credentials and Workplace Records

Verification of professional history, including workplace records, to confirm the qualifications and experience of healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Personal Profile

Detailed personal details, including aliases, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses, essential for accurate identification.

DEA and Sex Offender Records

Critical checks for DEA records and sex offender status, ensuring compliance and ethical standards in the healthcare sector.

Traffic Violation Records

Insight into a professional's adherence to law and order, which can be an important aspect of their overall character and reliability.

Associates and Relatives Summary

Understanding the social and professional circle of healthcare providers, which can offer additional context to their background.

Medical professional background report

Comprehensive Healthcare Professional Background Report

A thorough report providing comprehensive background information on medical professionals, ensuring credibility and safety in healthcare.

Whats in the report?

  • Detailed criminal and legal history
  • Verification of professional credentials and workplace history
  • Extensive personal and sensitive background information
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"Identingly's exhaustive background checks have been a cornerstone in our process of ensuring we collaborate with reputable and trustworthy healthcare professionals. Their detailed reports are a vital tool in our decision-making process."

Dr. Greenberg