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In-depth Personal and Professional Background Analysis

Dive into comprehensive background checks with Collections. Our meticulous service sifts through layers of data to deliver accurate and detailed personal and professional profiles.

Empower your decisions with confidence. Collections delivers a wealth of information, from basic personal details to complex legal histories, ensuring you have the full picture.

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Comprehensive Profiles

Gain access to detailed personal and professional histories, including aliases, contact information, and addresses for thorough background checks.

Extensive Record Analysis

Our Premium and Ultimate packages offer insights into associates, business affiliations, property records, and more, providing a complete picture.

Legal and Criminal History

Stay informed with access to legal records, including warrants, arrests, and court judgements, crucial for thorough evaluations.

Reliable and Accurate

Trust in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our data, meticulously aggregated and updated, for reliable background checks.

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Comprehensive Background Report

Experience the depth of our Collections service with a detailed report, showcasing our thorough approach to background checks.

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Why Identingly?

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No subscriptions

No need for subscriptions or contracts, allowing for flexibility and affordability.

No commitments

No commitments necessary, providing a hassle-free experience.


Anonymous searches protect user privacy and prevent unwanted calls or messages.


No selling or sharing of data ensures customer information remains confidential.

Massive database

Over 10 billion data records, providing comprehensive results for most phone numbers.

US based

Made in USA, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


User-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick access to results.

Advanced algorithm

Advanced search algorithms and data verification processes improve accuracy and relevancy.

Customer support

Reliable customer support, available to assist with any inquiries or issues.


Compatible with multiple devices and platforms, making it accessible for all users.


"Using Collections from Identingly has been a game-changer for our hiring process. The detailed reports provide everything we need to know, helping us make safe and informed hiring decisions."