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Effective Risk Mitigation in Property Leasing

Safeguard your rental properties with our Tenant Screening service. Specializing in background, eviction, and criminal reports, we provide the crucial information you need to avoid costly evictions and ensure tenant reliability.

Protect your investment and maintain a high-quality rental environment with our comprehensive tenant verification process.

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Background Verification

Utilize our services to thoroughly check personal details, aliases, and contact information, laying the foundation for a reliable tenant profile.

Eviction History Analysis

With our in-depth reports, including eviction records, get a clear understanding of a tenant's rental history, significantly reducing the risk and cost associated with potential evictions.

Criminal and Legal Checks

Assess tenant suitability accurately with our comprehensive checks on criminal history, warrants/arrests, and legal disputes.

Financial Stability Assessment

Our reports extend to reviewing bankruptcy, lien, and judgment records, ensuring tenants have a stable financial background.

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Comprehensive Tenant Screening Report

Examine a sample of our extensive Tenant Screening report, demonstrating how we provide critical data for evaluating potential tenants and safeguarding your property investments.

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Why Identingly?

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No subscriptions

No need for subscriptions or contracts, allowing for flexibility and affordability.

No commitments

No commitments necessary, providing a hassle-free experience.


Anonymous searches protect user privacy and prevent unwanted calls or messages.


No selling or sharing of data ensures customer information remains confidential.

Massive database

Over 10 billion data records, providing comprehensive results for most phone numbers.

US based

Made in USA, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


User-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick access to results.

Advanced algorithm

Advanced search algorithms and data verification processes improve accuracy and relevancy.

Customer support

Reliable customer support, available to assist with any inquiries or issues.


Compatible with multiple devices and platforms, making it accessible for all users.


"Using Identingly's Tenant Screening services has saved us tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding bad tenancies. Their detailed background and eviction reports have been essential in our tenant selection process."